Recording physiological data in high magnetic fields (fMRI)

Biopotential recordings (ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG…) are dramatically affected by the magnetic field and the radio waves. EDA, Pulse and Respiratory measures are not supposed to be affected.

EMG in high magnetic field with multi-band sequence, comparison between BIOPAC and BRAINAMP:
Note from Frédéric:

I looked at the Biopac and BrainAmp data with Matlab. I plotted data from each volume (power point file here ) superimposed and we can see that the data acquired with Brain Amp with the synchronization are more reproducible from on volume to another. Especially, when we zoom (last slide), we can see that the artefact is not perfectly synchronized from one volume to another with Biopac.I tried to correct the Biopac data as I am used to do with EEG with Matlab but the result is still very artefacted as well. This synchronization is then very important to have clean EMG data!