Electrodermal Activity (EDA)


History (in French)


Analysis toolboxes (alphabetic order)

  • BEEDA (BreatheEasyEDA): Matlab toolbox for Electrodermal Activity (EDA) data management, cleaning, and analysis.
  • EDA Explorer: A tool for the analysis of Electrodermal Activity (EDA) data. Note that these scripts are written in Python 2.7
  • Ledalab, a Matlab-based software for the analysis of skin conductance data (SC; i.e., EDA, GSR)
  • Pspm, Model-based analysis for peripheral psychophysiological signals (e.g. skin conductance) including GLM and DCM. Author: Dominik R. Bach.Read the article here.
  • cvxEDA: A Convex Optimization Approach to Electrodermal Activity Processing. Matlab script available here.

Skin Conductance Responses' scoring method with Acqknowledge

Analyses with Acqknowledge (native Biopac Software): Technical Report, 2nd version (2015): Selective Attention & Awareness Laboratory (SAAL) Behavioural Brain Sciences Centre, University of Birmingham, UK. and here

The following document describes a SCR scoring method used by different researchers at the CISA. (written by Y. Stussi). This method is acknowledged by many experts in the field and accepted in peer-reviewed publications (Stussi et al., 2015)

Comparison of different scoring methods