How to Get There

You can access and download a PDF guide describing all the different bus stops and paths in the building to get to the BBL. We recommend that you download the document in order to access it offline so that you can easily find your way around even if you don't have a mobile or Wi-Fi network.


 If you are coming by bus or train, see this context map with bus stops in french or in english


You can enter the building from various locations. There are 3 main paths (from ground floor, 1st floor or 3rd floor) that allow you to reach the BBL :



 1 - You can enter from the ground floor :


Accès RDC - Plan CMU illustré combiné.jpg



2 - You can enter from the 1st floor :



Accès étage 1 - Plan CMU illustré.jpg


3 - You can enter from the 3rd floor


Accès étage 3 - Plan CMU illustré combiné.png





Geographical address

Brain and Behaviour Laboratory
University Medical Centre (C.M.U.)
1, Rue Michel-Servet
CH - 1206 Geneva


Once you are in the C.M.U. building at the entrance of the first floor, follow the red path represented in this figure to get to the BBL:


Old BBL access plan from 1st floor - edited.png