Basic rules to apply to all BBL labs

  • You must clean thoroughly electrodes when you have put gel or any saline solution on them (EEG and physiological measurements electrodes). There shouldn’t be gel remaining as it dries and might impact the quality of the signal recorded for the next user.
  • An email should be sent to the BBL manager when you notice that the stock of a consumable material (electrodes, seringues, gel …) comes to its end.
  • Movable or portable devices (amplifiers, laptops, Biopac, olfactometer, response boxes…) should be moved or transported with the highest care as there is no insurance available for a break due to a shock. Any break that would result from an evident lack of care during transportation and that cannot be considered as a case of Force Majeure will be charged to the project of the investigator responsible of the damage or directly to the person at fault.
  • Movable or portable devices should be brought back to their default location as soon as data recording is done. Movable or portable devices cannot be kept between two recordings or 2 slots. This rule has no exception and will avoid other researchers to look after devices when they need to do so and expect to find them where they should be.
  • Unplugging cables is not allowed except for specific needs that are justified and formally authorized by the technical staff. Eventually unplugging cables or plugging new ones must always be followed by a strict reset of the previous setting of the material after the end of acquisition slot in the corresponding room so that the next experimenter will find the room and equipments in their expected default setting.
  • Plugging flash drives or external hard disks is allowed only provided that their content is virus free. Please avoid using external storage devices linked to research for private use or vice versa.
  • Food or drinks should not be brought inside the BBL rooms outside the kitchen and the corridors. Any damage on the material in the BBL due to food or drinks is not covered by an insurance and will be charged to the project of the investigator responsible of the damage or directly to the person at fault. Occasional exceptions can be made (e.g. for seminars in the teaching room) but have to be formally authorized by the BBL manager in advance to the event (e.g. at least one week before so that any critical device can be stored in a safe place).
  • Any non scientific material that is brought inside the BBL should be removed or trashed afterwards. Empty glasses used for the water fountain should be trashed in appropriate bins.
  • Password of BBL computers should not be sent via mailing lists and should not be given to somebody who doesn’t have an active entry pass to the BBL. Failure to respect these rules will lead to restriction of the entry pass for the person at fault.
  • Storage of medicines (solid or liquid), salivary samples, blood samples, alcohol, or any chemical liquids or solids requiring a specific prevention and engage security cannot be stored in the BBL closets. Exception can be made for specific projects but must always be discussed with the BBL committee and staff. An adapted storage solution will be found depending on the specific request.