Presentation PC important note

Matlab 2012b 64 bits and 2015b 64 bits are installed with psychtoolbox.

Matlab r2009b 32 bits are installed with cogent and psychtoolbox.

Libraries (i.e. io32() and io64() or oupt() functions) for writing on the parallel port have been successfully installed and tested (parallel port adress is 888 or hex2dec('378')).

E-prime 2 pro are installed (so that all PCs of all rooms of the BBL that allow to run experiments except for the MRI lab have the same version of E-prime). In E-prime, the parallel port adress is &H378.

The drivers of the handgrip have been successfully installed and tested as well as the ones of the thermode, this for the three versions of matlab.

The tools for the olfactometer have been successfully installed. They are located on the desktop as in the former PC.

Note that mathworks has made substantial modifications in the managmeent of the display in matlab 2015b as compared to matlab 2012b. The impact on experiments might not be predictable if you are running matlab 2015b. You should therefore test your scripts before moving to matlab 2015b.

5 folders have been created on the desktop: these fodlers are dedicated to receive experiments scripts. You are therefore invited to create a folder inside one of these 5 folders and store there your experiment. Folders or files of your experiments must not be put on the desktop. Note that the PCs of the BBL are not dedicated to store data on the long term. You must therefore make sure to save your data after each participant on your own PC, flash drive or else.

For those fo you who are running experiments using the handgrip, you will need to remove the files form your folders:





The password of the PC is r0ugevifpsychophysio with a zero and not a capital o.

To prevent potentially troubles, you are requested to run a test before your next participant to copy your experiment on the PC and check that everything is working well. Reconnecting the old PC will be considered temporaly only in case of exceptional problems and this reconnection should be avoided as starting this PC might kill the dying battery of the motherboard.