Virtual Reality

Technical Specifications


Detailed Description

Short Description

The BBL-IS has 4 faces presenting seamless and perspective coherent 3D images. 

The acrylic coated screens from DaLite are the most visible part of the system. They present the image with a high contrast ratio and brightness transfer from the video projectors (brightness is up to 1600 cd/m² and resolution is 4 AM/OLP). The biggest screen is 2.8 m wide and 2.4 m height.

There are four Barco F70-4K8 capable of showing high resolution images at a very high speed (120 image per second). Each video projector is driven by its own HP Z800 workstation (12-core Xeon processor, 18 Gb of RAM, nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 graphic card). These workstations are working together synchronously to produce stereoscopic 3D images on each face of the system.

To react to each user movements the BBL-IS uses a Vicon optical motion tracking system composed of 10 Bonita cameras. The system is able to perform full-body motion capture in real time for seamless interaction. We can record body motions to study the dynamic of movements according to the virtual situation.

A Denon AVR-1312 sound system is used to simulate an accurate sound environment. This 5.1 surround system can simulate a sound located at 360° in each direction.

A Multimodal System

The BBL-IS is in a complete synergy with all the other facilities of the BBL, like the fMRI and the EEG labs. 
Moreover, it can be coupled with multiple devices to extent the stimulation and recording capabilities.

BBL-IS Mulimodal

Advanced Stimulation

  • Olfactomer capable to deliver 28 different odors, adressing each nostrils separatly and with a very low latency (half a second).
  • FACSGen accurate facial expressions controlled by action units.
  • HRTF sounds for accurate and personalized sound spatialization.
  • Haptic stimulation all over the body using Metawear MotionR sensors.

Advanced Recording

  • Real-time eye-tracking with SMI Eye Tracking Glasses.
  • Full body motion capture and analysis with 10 Vicon Bonita cameras and Vicon Tracker.
  • Physiological signals with BioNomadix: ECG, EMG, PPGED, EDA, respiration and skin temperature.
  • Wireless Physiological signals with Empatica Smart watch: Blood Volume Pulse, Galvanic Skin Response, Skin Temperature and 3-axis Acceleration.
  • EEG signals with a 256 channels BioSemi setup.
  • Accurate response times measurement with response boxes from Current Designs.

Advanced Interaction