Types of fellowships

Incoming fellows

Fellowships for incoming postdocs will constitute the majority of awards (up to 8 each year). These fellowships will be granted for 2 years. Incoming fellowships will be attributed in priority to researchers originating from outside Switzerland, or who have worked or resided in Geneva Lake area for less than one year, irrespective of their nationality.

Reintegrating (returning) fellows

Opportunity for the reintegration of European students who were trained outside Europe for at least 2 years (e.g. PhD or postdoc) and now want to return from this research or education period, with the aim to further train in the BBL and to envision a future professional career in Europe (irrespective of their nationality). These reintegrating fellowships will be granted for 2 years when the fellow was not previously supported by our programme (return type 1). This fellowship may also be awarded to a candidate who previously received an outgoing grant from our programme in order to acquire new knowledge or skills in another centre (see next section), but now wishes to return and apply them in the BBL (return type 2). This second type of reintegrating fellowship will be granted for one year only (since the fellow will benefit from an outgoing grant in the first year, so 2 years in total). Applications for the latter reintegrating scheme will be possible during the outgoing training period of fellows, However, applications for reintegrating fellowships will also be possible after a longer training period abroad, for example when the outgoing project is continued for one or more years through financial support by the other host institution. No time limit will be imposed for these return applications (type 2) with respect to the date of the initial outgoing fellowships (in the frame of the present 4 year programme); but the reintegrating fellowship will always be of one year when preceded by an outgoing fellowship.

Outgoing fellows

Outgoing fellowships will be awarded only in specific cases and in more limited number (at least during the first version of this program). This awards will support a fellow who wishes to go in another centre with one the two following aims: (i) to acquire new knowledge or skills that do not exist in the BBL, but would potentially add to its research potential and accord with the general principle of the programme; or (ii) to conduct research with instruments, materials, populations, or data that are currently unavailable in the BBL but would be necessary to perform a subsequent analysis or initiate a subsequent project in the BBL. These fellowships will be granted for one year. The selected fellows will then have the possibility to apply for a reintegrating fellowship (see previous section, return type 2) after their outgoing training period is finished, so that they may exploit their newly acquired competences or data in the BBL. A commitment of the fellow for a subsequent return to the BBL (or any European centre when the training takes place outside Europe) will constitute a positive or priority selection criteria.