Dates and deadlines

Call for application: Once every year (January)

Application deadline: None scheduled yet

Application format: For all types of fellowships), the candidates should submit a detailed curriculum vitae (education, former training and workplaces, previous awards or fellowships, achievements and publications), a motivation statement including a brief synopsis of the intended research project (2 pages) and career plans, as well as two reference letters (from external scientists).

The selection of candidates will follow a two-step procedure:


April: Evaluation of applications by experts (see below)

May: Pre-selection of candidates by the review panel and invitation for interview sent to pre-selected candidates.


June: Interviews by the Award Selection Committee (ASC), including international experts

July: Final decision and notification of outcome (by a written letter with feedback for evaluation ratings, see above)

The starting date of the fellowship can be flexibly defined on the basis of the fellow’s constraints and will be possible as early as one or two months after final decision.


The preselection review panel is composed of the steering committee of the CIN and CISA, in addition to the BBL group leaders.

The final award selection committee is composed of the BBL directors and 4 international experts.

The following criteria will be used to select the candidates:

1- Quality of professional training and scientific achievements of the candidate;

2- Quality and originality of the research projects (topics and/or methods);

3- Collaborative potential of the project involving more than one research group (or one method) in the BBL (e.g. typically 2 groups or more);

4- Past evidence of interdisciplinarity in brain and behaviour research ;

5- Capacity for inter-sectoral transfer of the candidate or the expected results;

6- Degree of transnational mobility

7- Originality of personal vision and implications of long-term research plans;

8- Clarity of communication and presentation;

9- Team spirit and integration with other fellows.